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pyusb Example

This sample application implements a Linux USB device driver using pyusb 0.x in userspace to support the Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver (and up to 4 connected Xbox 360 wireless controllers). Force feedback support (rumble) is presently broken at the Linux uinput level, but the driver sets the LED display on the controllers correctly and receives events. The axes on both sticks are mapped to implement a square axis algorithm with a "jump to diagonal" feature for playing legacy games. On a recent, fast CPU, games are playable with this driver, despite being implemented in an interpreted language in userspace.

Note that the purpose of this code is to be an instructional example for userspace USB drivers in Python, not to be a full-fledged driver for the device itself! (In other words, don't expect this driver to be anything more than a toy for usage purposes -- regular users should probably look at xboxdrv instead).